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30 Things before Thirty

For my first blog entry, I thought I’d explain my reason for blogging in the first place…im turning 30 on July 22nd and I realised that I need to take the time now to shape the life I want to live…

30 things before Thirty

1. Hang pictures on wall in my living room
2. Redecorate my bathroom
3. Prettify my bedroom – I’m thinking soft, vintage, retro…
4. Print photos from my computer and put into frames!
5. Dust off my jewellary making kit and get creative!
6. Dye my hair and update my look to something more fun and sexy
7. Lose weight – goal is 40lbs…
8. Get fit and toned – shapely!
9. Stop drinking diet coke
10. Buy a good eyeliner and mascara…be adventurous with eye make up
11. Try out origami
12. Find my perfect shade of lipstick
13. Grow vegetables and herbs – use those lovely window pots I own
14. Get a great picture of me and my bf to frame
15. Try photography again…
16. Learn to drive…maybe a bit ambitious at this stage but what the heck..stick it down!
17. Listen and buy more new music by female artists
18. Put music albums onto my phone
19. Pay off my credit card and silly debt…
21. Learn graphic design or at the very least some neat tricks
22. Keep to a good skincare routine
23. Repair all of the bits and bobs broken in my apartment
24. Discover my true style – what fashion do I really love…
25. Fnd a sport or fitness class that I love and will keep up forever
26. Keep in touch with friends and family abroad
27. Be creative – make and give beautiful gifts..
28. Spend saturdays productively…exploring, having fun, living the pleasant life
29. Brunch on Sundays and date nights with my bf
30. Love the skin I’m in!


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